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NEOSORB® (AASHTO Grade Polychloroprene) Bearing Pads

NEOSORB® (AASHTO Grade Polychloroprene) Bearing Pads

NEOSORB® plain elastomeric (polychloroprene / neoprene) bearing pads are molded or cut to size from larger slabs to provide a low-cost, single element structural bearing. Plain elastomeric bearings are a cost effective option for applications with moderate load transfer and movement requirements. NEOSORB® pads accommodate surface irregularities, vertical load, and rotation through vertical deflection, while longitudinal movement is accommodated through shear deformation. These pads are suitable for use in pre-cast concrete, cast in place concrete, and steel framed structures.

NEOSORB® is available in all 3 standard AASHTO durometers: 50, 60, and 70, widths up to 48″, and lengths up to 49 feet (+/- 1 ft). NEOSORB® is typically available from stock in the following thickness: 1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″.

For pad sizing and selection in the absence of project specifications or owner design criteria, Voss Engineering, Inc. recommends following AASHTO Section 14 Design Specifications for plain elastomeric bearings (PEP).

NEOSORB® Standard Material Properties

Material PropertyASTM StandardTest RequirementPolychloropreneUnits
50 Duro60 Duro70 DuroUnits
Physical PropertiesD 2240Hardness50 ± 560 ± 570 ± 5Shore A
D 412Min tensile strength2250 (15.5)2250 (15.5)2250 (15.5)psi (Mpa)
Min ultimate elongation400350300%
Heat ResistanceD 573Specified temp. of the test212 (100)212 (100)212 (100)°F (°C)
D 573Aging time707070Hours
D 573Max change in durometer hardness151515Shore A
D 573Max change in tensile strength-15-15-15%
D 573Max change in ultimate elongation-40-40-40%
Compressive SetD 395 Method BSpecified temp. of the test212 (100)212 (100)212 (100)°F (°C)
D 395 Method BMax Permissible test (after 22 hrs)353535%
Ozone ResistanceD 1149100 pphm ozone in air by volume 20% strain at 100 °F, ± 2 °F (37.7 °C ± 1 °C) 100 hours, mounting procedure D 518, method ANo cracksNo cracksNo cracks
Tear ResistanceD 624 Die CMinimum pounds per inch180180180Lbs/in
BrittlenessD 746Low temperature brittleness at -40°No FailureNo FailureNo Failure